Malaysia’s leading advertising and marketing solutions provider, ASTRO Media Solutions and ASEAN’s first dedicated digital media platform, The ASEAN Post enter into collaboration

Kuala Lumpur, 7 April 2021 - The recent COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted businesses (from SMEs to Large Corporates) in a manner never seen before both, locally and globally. Coupled with a saturated local market and disrupted supply chains, businesses have been forced to embrace digitalisation, look for new markets and to regionalise. This spectacle has contributed dramatically to the increasing importance of the regional integration of the ASEAN Economic Community on top of meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda. The recently concluded World Economic Forum Davos Agenda Week in Singapore established that a “Great Reset” is needed, in order to build a more resilient and sustainable global economy. Coupled with the signing of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) in November and ASEAN growth prospects, Southeast Asia is the next great opportunity market. 

Under this collaboration between Spotlight Labs and ASTRO Media Solutions, Malaysian businesses will be able to address these alarming concerns from their industry specific standpoints as well as communicate their post COVID-19 transformation aspirations to an affluent and informed regional audience; who in turn will utilise the information for informed-decision-making or knowledge-based purposes.    

Via leveraging The ASEAN Post’s deep insights and knowledge (market intelligence) of the ASEAN Economic Community, and combining it with ASTRO’s first class staple of clientele and its advertising and marketing expertise, bespoke solutions will be jointly developed for affordable, cost-effective packages with competitive media returns on investment.

Not only will brands and businesses now be able to go regional with their messaging but also participate in the dialogues that are shaping the future of Southeast Asia – the ASEAN Economic Community, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, China’s Belt & Road Initiative and other key 21st Century Developments (Technological Advancements, Climate Change, Renewables, Women Empowerment, Sustainability, Consumer Trends).


The COVID-19 pandemic has also brought about great inquisitivity around digitalisation and future-proofing which are key focus areas for most ASEAN market observers and participants.

“With this new strategic partnership, we’re able to amplify our digital content offerings for corporate brands to expand their footprint beyond Malaysia and Singapore, reaching key decisions makers in the ASEAN region,” said Wong See Wei, Director, Astro Media Solutions.

With over 40 iconic digital brands within ASTRO Media Solutions’ growing network, the collaboration will see value creation for both, its existing consumers and businesses clientele respectively, who are seeking a better understanding of key developments shaping the future of Southeast Asia as well as the opportunity to build a regional footprint in the fastest growing digital economy in the world. This dynamic relationship will create both, localisation (ASEAN to Malaysia) and regionalisation (Malaysia to ASEAN) marketing opportunities for brands across the region.

“Aside from being our first step towards full commercialisation following a fruitful discovery and development cycle, our partnership with Astro Media Solutions gives us the opportunity to engage with some of Malaysia’s leading brands through a trusted Malaysian household name. The timing is also perfect as ASTRO commences its journey as a super-aggregator as part of its content convergency strategy; which will see our content syndicated via ASTRO Awani and SYOK. We hope Malaysian companies will take this opportunity to enlarge their regional footprint and go beyond local markets. We also hope to see more regional brands looking into marketing their goods and services within Malaysia via ASTRO’s existing marketing channels.” said Azizi Meor Ngah, Chairman of the Advisory Board, The ASEAN Post.

With ASTRO’s 5.7 million subscribers that make up 74% of Malaysian households and The ASEAN Post’s 1.0 million rapidly growing monthly active users that make up 15% of its ASEAN serviceable obtainable market target of 6.3 million working professionals within an enlarged serviceable available market of 68 million ASEAN citizenry; cross advertising and marketing for Malaysian brands to grow both, a local and regional footprint at one go is now possible.    

In-depth insights on The ASEAN Post’s audience affinity and in-market segments are available at, the dedicated microsite for The ASEAN Post’s Spotlight Labs brand studio which serves as the information and resource point for brands and businesses looking to get a better understanding of the products and services available.


Astro Media Solutions

Astro Media Solutions provides bespoke advertising and marketing solutions for brands. Leveraging on media assets and signature IPs under Astro Malaysia, Astro Media Solutions offers data-driven marketing, activations, commerce, merchandising and talents across its TV, Radio and Digital platforms. We believe in collaboration with like-minded partners to advocate marketing excellence and drive business growth.

About Astro Malaysia

Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad (Astro) is Malaysia’s leading content and consumer company, serving 5.7 million or 74% of Malaysian households across our TV, radio, digital and commerce platforms.


As a trusted brand, Astro keeps Malaysians entertained and informed with a variety of vernacular, international and live sports content. In 2019, we elevated customer viewing experience by launching the Ultra Box, our latest 4K Ultra High-Definition Set-top box with Cloud Recording, and introduced content-broadband bundles to cater to customers’ needs. Our streaming service, Astro GO, allows its 1.7 million monthly active users to access their preferred content anytime, anywhere across multiple devices.


Astro Radio houses Malaysia’s highest-rated radio brands across all key languages, available on terrestrial with 15.7 million weekly listeners and on digital with 3.6 million monthly digital radio users. Our multilingual entertainment and lifestyle app, SYOK offers access to all our radio brands, as well as podcasts and original videos. Our digital brands host 13.4 million digital monthly unique visitors. With 8 million followers, Astro Awani is Malaysia’s No.1 news channel on social media. Go Shop, our home shopping and commerce business engages with 2.7 million shoppers.


As the leading movie producer in Malaysia, Astro is committed to raising the standard of local films with blockbusters such as Hantu Kak Limah, BoBoiBoy Movie 2, Paskal, Polis Evo 2 and award-winning The Garden of Evening Mists. In FY20, Astro Shaw garnered 50% share of the local box office sales.


Astro was voted by consumers as Malaysia’s Brand of the Year and Platinum winner in Media Network category, and was inducted into the Putra Hall of Fame for its 10th consecutive win at the Putra Brand Awards 2019. Our foundation, Yayasan Astro Kasih advocates long-term impactful endeavours guided by its key pillars of lifelong learning, community development, sports and environment.


About Spotlight Labs

Spotlight Labs is the Brand Studio of The ASEAN Post. It is conceived as the creative extension of The ASEAN Post, and specifically built to unravel the mystique surrounding Southeast Asia. By incorporating the unique word craft of Southeast Asia’s first digital media platform, Spotlight Labs is focused on creating flawless branded content through ideation, experiences and storytelling. Our mission is to enable brands keen on inspiring a regional audience to bridge the knowledge and culture gaps in Southeast Asia; via our expert insights on a region rich in diversity.


Our dynamic content team knows ASEAN. Leveraging on Southeast Asia’s first digital audience network, they expertly highlight issues and provide objective conclusions backed by our unique data driven platform on a daily basis. This successful formula is now available to create powerful, engaging, and inspiring stories for Southeast Asia’ biggest brands, in order to help them capture the minds and imaginations of our bespoke audience.


About The ASEAN Post

The ASEAN Post is a technology-driven, communications and intelligence platform, which curates’ analytical content that expertly frames critical issues shaping the future of Southeast Asia in areas such as ASEAN Geopolitics, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, China's Belt and Road Initiative, Markets and 21st Century Developments (Climate Change, Renewables, Women Empowerment, Environment). These thought-provoking insights driven by data gathered from partners; think tanks; research institutes and international economic organisations enables us to examine regional events from a balanced perspective and empower decision-makers whilst driving engagement amongst the regional community.


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