In Market Segments

At Spotlight Labs your investment will pay dividends as the curated brand story we craft for you is carefully disseminated to a regional audience that has been specifically broken down into seven broad segments by us. These segments in turn are finely-tuned further to no less than 18 sub-categories. This is to ensure that your story and branding is accurately targeted at relevant groups within our Southeast Asian readership; ensuring effective and fast results.


Regional Penetration

Our bespoke content is regularly viewed in 10 countries, spanning a total of 799 cities. With the potential of reaching an audience that runs into the millions in the fastest growing digital economy, it is safe to say that when we craft a story for you, it really goes places – maximising your branding and developing a truly regional reach in the shortest time possible at a competitive price. Delivering on what others promise but seldom deliver. More importantly, giving you a previously unattainable Return On Investment for a regional media buy.

Gender & Age

A good mix of male and female readers ensures that your brand story is viewed by both genders with equal emphasis. An audience comprising of all essential age groups ensures that your brand is immediately recognised by those with the buying power to make a purchasing decision. ASEAN is a young bloc and the youth are also well represented in our demographic, ensuring that brand loyalty is built on the shoulders of the next wave of consumers.    


Audience Affinity

The advantage of working with us is that your story is viewed by a diverse audience spanning 10 countries comprised of many people with different cultures, traditions and tastes. We have broken down our audience into 11 specific categories, so we can accurately deliver effective branding and/or messaging to readers actively looking for your products/services. From Business News enthusiasts and Technophiles to Fashionistas and Luxury Shoppers – target them all or focus on a particular category – the choice is ultimately yours to make.    

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